Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution – Cycle Lubricant and Protector

Revolutionary new Bicycle Lube and Protector

Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution is a revolutionary new bike lubricant and maintenance spray. It will lubricate your drivetrain and protect all other components, and also your frame. The solution is water based which makes it easy to apply and also to remove (if necessary). Ultimate Bike Solution is designed to be applied on a daily basis, or after every run, or every time you wash your bike.

Whatever works best for your riding pattern, Ultimate Bike Solution will make your life easier – no more messing around with different cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, protectors, polish and sprays – just one product, applied whenever you want, wherever you need it.

After a long ride wash your bike with water and give it a quick spray with Ultimate Bike Solution. Just leave it on and your bike is ready for the next run. Pay particular attention to the chain set and chain. If you can’t access a bike wash, spray with Ultimate Bike Solution as it will protect your bike and make it easier to clean when you can.

Ultimate Bike Solution is safe to use on all bike parts EXCEPT brake pads and discs. If you get Ultimate Bike Solution on the discs or pads don’t panic! It easily washes off with water.

Ultimate Bike Solution 1

UBS for Commuters
UBS will transform bike maintenance for commuters. Simply spray the solution on the entire bike, avoiding brake pads and discs or rims. The solution will protect your bike while it’s locked up and lubricate it while you ride. If you ride through the harshest conditions it will make your life so much easier!

Spray it on after your ride or after you have washed your bike. You will notice it makes cleaning the bike super easy. Forget about a range of products to keep your bike in pristine condition – try Ultimate Bike Solution!

UBS for MTBers
Going cross-country can be a huge strain on your bike. The movement of the chain will transform mud and grime into a fine grinding paste which wears away your drive train. Costly replacements will follow. Make sure to always keep your chain and cassette free of any dirt and grime.

Mud and dirt will stick to your chain, cassette and everywhere else, making it a huge chore when it comes to cleaning after a ride.

UBS will help you – contrary to existing lubricants UBS is water based and non-sticky. All dirt will be removed with a good application of water.

UBS for Roadies
Lubrication is the most important factor for drive train efficiency. Always make sure that your chain is properly lubricated before you go out on a ride. A dry chain is 13% less efficient than a properly lubricated one.

Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution ensures your chain is properly lubricated and prevents road dirt and grit from sticking to your oily chain and wearing it away.