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Eurobike 2013

It’s that time of the year again when the industry show Eurobike takes to Friedrichshafen in Germany to preview the up and coming product releases. It happens every year so what’s different about it this year? I’m going! That’s what’s different this year! Last week Anna asked if I would like to have a week


Most of you cyclists out there will have heard of the acronym MAMIL, but what does it actually stand for? Quite simply it stands for Middle-Aged Men in Lycra. You know, that mid-life crisis type thing us cyclists go through, some earlier than others I may add. So have you gained the MAMIL status yet

Sportique Century Riding Cream & Warming Up Oil – Review

I was recently asked to try out a couple of cycling products then write a review on them. Excellent I thought, I love freebies, I wonder what it can be, would it be a new bike, a chainset, new components? I was thinking bling, then I was handed a brown padded envelope. Now, either it

They Think It’s All Over…… It Is Now!

Wow that was a quick couple of weeks! It seemed no time at all from the Opening ceremony to the closing ceremony of the Olympic games! After a slow start the medals flew in making London 2012 one of the most, if not the most successful Olympics for Britain. Scottish athletes won medals and instantly

Endura Stealth Jacket Review

Endura is a Scottish company based in Livingston just down the road from FreeFlow HQ and produces high quality cycle clothing. The Endura Stealth Jacket is an example of one of their high quality products, and is the jacket I personally own and use on a regular basis. The Stealth comes in three different colours,